Honeywell 8SP399A Accenta G4 Alarm Panel With LCD Keypad


The Honeywell Accenta Mini Version 4 has 8 Zones on board and comes with a stylish Accenta LCD remote keypad. The Accenta Mini Alarm Panel accepts 1.2 or 2.1 Ah 12V Battery and has 3-part set programs and 4 access codes with chime, service warnings, zone omit, silent set and 8 event memories. The Honeywell Accenta Mini G4 has all the features needed for any domestic application at an affordable price.

8 Zones Each one is separately identified on the keypad and provides ample security detection for most domestic properties.

3 part set programs

Allows three programmed setting levels dependent on the people in the property or the level of protection required, eg.night-time with upstairs detectors off and perimeter detectors on.