BG NBS52 Brushed Steel Fused Connection Spur 13 amp Switched and Neon

BG Electrical

The BG NBS52 is part of the BG Nexus Metal range. The BG Nexus Metal NBS52 is a 13 amp switched fused connection unit with neon finished in brushed steel. All the BG Nexus Metal switches have a modern, slim profile, no visible plastic inserts and have a lightly lacquered surface to reduce fingerprint marks. The BG Nexus Metal switches and sockets come with colour coded screws and a full grid system to match.

  • Top quality Brushed Steel finish - lightly lacquered to prevent finger marks
  • Matching Brushed Steel rocker switch, fuse cover & slim line LED indicator
  • No visible plastic around switches
  • Specification: 13 amp (13 amp fuse fitted)
  • Requires a 25mm metal wall box
  • Supplied with colour coded fixing screws