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For technical queries please ring 0121 236 5012
For technical queries please ring 0121 236 5012

With this 'Bold Connect' you can remotely control your 'Bold Smart cylinder' anytime, anywhere.

Read below how you can easily install the Bold Connect:

  • We assume that you have already installed one (or more) Bold Smart Cylinders before installing the Bold Connect.
  • Make sure you enable Bluetooth on your mobile device and have access to the WiFi network before you start installing Bold Connect.
  • Connect the Bold Connect with the supplied power adapter.
  • Start install mode on the Bold Connect by pressing and holding the button. Release the button when the LED ring starts flashing red.
  • Open the Bold app and select “Install Gateway” from the main menu. Install Gateway is marked with an orange indicator.
  • Briefly press the button on the Bold Connect and the button in the App at the same time. The Bold Connect now links with your account.
  • Give the Bold Connect a name of your choice. You can change this name later in the process. Press 'Next'.
  • Select your WiFi network from the list to set up an Internet connection for the Bold Connect.
  • When you are connected, you will see a list of locks that are within range of the Bold Connect. These locks can now use the Bold Connect functionality.

After the installation process, the Bold Connect is ready for use. If you have multiple Bold Smart Cylinders installed, make sure they are all within range of the Bold Connect. If your Bold Smart Cylinder is not on the list, the Bold Connect may not be able to connect to the lock. This happens when the lock is too far away from the Bold Connect or when concrete or steel obstacles block the signal. Then adjust the position of the Bold Connect. In the App you can see whether these position changes result in a good signal.

You can therefore operate multiple Bold Cylinders with this "Bold connect".