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For technical queries please ring 0121 236 5012. Use code SWANNCODEKIT5 for 5% discount on selected Swann CCTV kits.
For technical queries please ring 0121 236 5012. Use code SWANNCODEKIT5 for 5% discount on selected Swann CCTV kits.

Exclusive thread-enabled smart bulbs and lightstrips that work with your smart home. The Essentials line offers all the smart lighting basics with the most cutting-edge technology that is built to last. Enjoy the brightest and most accurate whites, vibrant colours and Circadian Lighting that will increase your productivity throughout the day and help you unwind when you need it.

This starter kit includes:

1 x 2m (80”) Lightstrip

1 x Controller & PSU

1 x Quick Start Guide

  • Purest Colours – Fully immerse yourself in the world of colours with over 16m colours in their most vibrant tones at your disposal.
  • Thread-Enabled – Lightning fast response times with improved connection reliability and range so you can enjoy instant and dependable control of all of your Essentials products. Requires a compatible border router (i.e HomePad mini)
  • Circadian Lighting – Light automatically adjusts to sync to your bodys needs for maximized productivity and naturally prepares you for restful sleep by removing blue light as the day turns to night.
  • Vivid Whites – The brightest and most accurate white lighting in a smart bulb/light strip. Go from cool productive to warm cosy wind down, its designed to satisfy all your white lighting needs.
  • Manual Lightstrips Controller – Don’t want to pull out the app? Turn on/off, change the brightness or cycle through colours with the easy-access controller.



 Key Features

Color Scenes

Mounting Type

Via included double-sided tape or screw mounts (screw mount is sold seperately)


2 Years


Indoor Only 




Lightstrip Length

80 in (2M) Starter Kit

40 in (1M) Expansion Pack

Lightstrip Width

0.6in (1.5cm)

Controller Cable Length

5.7in (14.48cm)

Controller Size

3.74in x 1.42in x 0.7in (9.5cm x 3.6cm x 1.78cm)

Power Cable Length

71in (180cm)

Cut Ability

Follow cut marks every 13”


10M (Max brightness decreases beyond 10M)




Average Brightness

2000 Lumens

Max Brightness

2200 Lumens

Max Colours

More than 16 Million (all shades of white and colours)

Colour Channel Configuration


Colour Temperature


LED Distribution

21 LED set per meter (7 sets per 33cm cuttable length)





23w for 2m

Max PSU Output


Standby Power


Rating Input

100V-240V, 50/60Hz (universal range)


25,000 Hours




Communication Protocol

Bluetooth, Thread (Currently IOS only)


Yes (via the Nanoleaf App, Voice Control)

Dimming Range

1%-100%, Resolution at 0.1%


Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant


On, Off, Change Scene, Brightness +/-

The Nanoleaf App

Control via Nanoleaf App (android or IOS) for mobile/tablet or Nanoleaf Desktop app for PC or laptop.