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For technical queries please ring 0121 236 5012
For technical queries please ring 0121 236 5012

The Texecom PW-W is a compact 12m wireless PIR with a 12m range.  It has Texecom Ricochet Mesh Technology which allows systems to grow without the need for expensive repeaters as each device can repeat and receive wireless transmissions from devices enrolled on the system. 

Installation is simple and quick the Texecom Premier Compact PW-W has a Auto Learn Function which automatically learns a device onto the system when a battery is inserted. The PIR will cleverly adjust its own sensitivity when the surrounding room temperature changes. 


    • 12m - volumetric coverage
    • Digital temperature compensation
    • Sealed optics
    • Up to 3 years battery life
    • EN50131-2-2
    • EN50131-5-3
    • PD6662:2010 Grade 2