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Protect Your Property During Long Winter Nights

Protect Your Property During Long Winter Nights

Winter is an ideal time for thieves to strike - the days are shorter and the nights are longer, which means that they have the advantage of the cover of darkness for a lot more of every day. It is also colder which means there are fewer people out and about, especially at nighttime.

Even with the rise in home security cameras in the UK, this means that there are fewer potential eyewitnesses to burglary and crime. All of these things contribute towards making this time of year perfect for thieves - so what can we do to protect our properties during the long winter nights?

Luckily, there are lots of ways in which we can protect our properties and safeguard our belongings against crime. By following our helpful guide, you can start defending your home from potential criminals today.

Invest in security cameras

A good quality home security system can really help both to deter potential criminals and to give you a greater peace of mind. Security cameras or CCTV cameras are great places to start. Assess all the comings and goings of any people on your property at your convenience - and, if the worst should happen, footage from a good quality CCTV camera could go a long way towards helping the police to identify suspects or even apprehend the actual culprit.

Here at SND Electrical, we have a wide range of security products designed to help you to protect your home. We stock some of the best security cameras in the UK, offering top quality yet still affordable and cheap CCTV cameras. Despite the lower price, our security cameras are fitted with the same technology that is used in many professional security outfits across the country, such as motion detectors and day/night sensors.

Install a burglar alarm

Burglar alarms are another effective way to halt crime in its tracks. Combined with a security camera system, the two can work together to provide a really strong deterrent to criminals. It is also good practice to get into the habit of testing your burglar alarm regularly, much in the same way that you would frequently test your smoke alarms.

Make use of security lighting

During long, dark evenings, security lighting can be really useful - more than ever at this time of year. We recommend automatic security lighting, as it will immediately alert you to any suspicious activity that may be going on outside your property. Security lighting which is linked to motion sensors is also a good idea as it will turn day into night - leaving any potential thieves fully lit up before they can get away.

Keep your home secure

This may seem like an obvious one, but how often do you honestly remember to check all of your doors and windows are closed, locked, and fully secure when leaving the house? Out of all the burglaries in the UK, an astonishing 15% of thieves will enter the property through an unlocked door. The simple way to safeguard your home from becoming another statistic is by leaving a little more time to lock up properly when you are on your way out or in the evenings before going to bed. Make sure all windows are closed, doors are locked, and any alternative access points such as gates and garages are also locked.

Start following our security tips today to begin safeguarding your home from thieves this winter!