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Reincarnation of the Tiffany Lamp

Reincarnation of the Tiffany Lamp

SND Electrical recognises the careful efforts that are put into creating tiffany lights and the delicate balance of artistry and practicality that the light withholds.

The original Tiffany Studios' strived towards success in combining efficacy and desirability to create a product that will illuminate the room with style and grace. Tiffany lights are often regarded as objects of art and with their perfectly sculptured bodies along with a gorgeous interplay of stained coloured glass, we can see why.

Much like the original creators, SND Electrical have gone the extra mile to provide attractive high-quality lights to cater for those in search of an elegant home. The tiffany light collection from SND Electrical is more than just a row of lamps; it is a dedication to the mastery and remarkability of Tiffany's artisanship.

The company's extensive collection of decorative floor and table lamps, semi flush ceiling lights and wall lights all inspired by the original tiffany light design.

The tiffany style is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are attracted to the remarkability and outstanding performance of the light.    

SND Electricals assortment of brightly coloured burlesque tiffany lights are all designed according to customer specific wants and needs and all resemble original Tiffany products so you can still gain the best lighting experience at a much lower price.

So, how about taking a look at SND Electricals Chicago style tiffany light for a unique yet stunning blend of reds, peaches, ambers and greens, all cohesive in a complex shade design which rests on a glorious dark bronze fitting.

This table lamp is complete with two switches and produces a charming yellow glow.

If you're looking for something a little more modern home friendly, then take a look at SND Electricals Vaudeville design for a combination of sensual reds and light blues, pinks and greens which create a much more intense white glow.

This design is popular for its devotion to detail and engraved stand which shines an ash grey and works to complement the shade.

Visit SND Electrical today to bring a first-class lighting experience to your home.