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Say Cheese: Cameras At Home

In the UK you are likely to be caught on camera in excess of 300 times a day. This may seem like an disproportionate amount but it is worth remembering that many of these occasions will be split second in duration and sometimes, when you are in a busy public area like a shopping centre, there will be multiple cameras catching you at the same time.

With regards to our conscious use of cameras in everyday life, there is a great focus on images and cameras for all sorts of reasons. Media and entertainment are saturated with images that convey ideas to the public in a better way than words would, for example, the whole page print adverts that are nothing but a photograph - not even a brand name - are often the most noticeable and talked about. On top of that, the virtual world has gone mad for cameras and photographs. People are uploading and tagging snaps of anything and everything, on the go via their smart phones. Millions have also fuelled the Instagram and Pinterest phenomenon, turning even the simplest of snaps (like what they are eating for breakfast) into a viral sensation and making sure that snap-happy folks have a camera of some sort on them at all times. Yes the world now seems to revolve around the camera, for fun, for art and for safety.

Surprisingly, as popular as cameras are in everyday life and as normal as they are considered to be in public arenas, many people overlook how useful CCTV cameras could be at home. Installing a CCTV system at home can provide security, peace of mind and a deterrent for intruders; so why aren't more people investing in them? Well, the common excuse is that they "don't want cameras all over the house" which seems like a simple enough explanation. However, the fact is, the modern home already has cameras left right and centre, so adding a couple more for security shouldn't be a problem. Here are five of the most common cameras already found in family homes across the UK:

Smartphone/Mobile Device Camera

Smartphones and mobile devices are perhaps the most popular way to take quick snaps these days, offering a convenient upload channel as well as high resolution cameras. The subtly of these devices also make it less of a palaver to take pictures because what looks like a harmless text back could actually be a Kate Moss-esque ‘selfie' shot.

Digital Camera

Digital cameras are clever replacement for the big, clumpy cameras people used to lug everywhere years ago. These days your camera can fit in your pocket, the plethora of images (and videos!) can be stored on tiny devices and uploaded onto a computer for all sorts of fun editing - a far cry from the cumbersome manual processing of years gone by! Digital cameras just need to be charged and then they're quick and easy to use; be it at your cousin's wedding or your Saturday morning breakfast table.

Web Camera/Ubisoft Motion Tracking Camera

Webcams; iconic for the part they played in the digital communication revolution and still going strong today. These tiny cameras make it possible to not only communicate with others via the internet, but also to see the people we are communicating with, in real time. They bring the world closer together in a virtual arena, making distance irrelevant to interpersonal communication. Equally fascinating and just as common is the webcam's sister, the motion tracking camera for games consoles. The most famous of these motion tracking cameras is the Ubisoft model which not only displays your live image on the screen but also tracks your movements and allows you to control the game and the console, completely hands-free. Both types of camera have changed the face of 21st communication and gaming which is precisely why they are present in most households.

Now, with this many cameras already at home and used on a daily basis (not to mention those shoved and hidden away in cupboards, drawers and crannies), there should be no issue with people installing CCTV camera systems at home with a view to protect themselves and their loved ones. So if you want to protect your home and family by taking extra precautionary measures, thus giving yourself peace of mind, contact the team of specialists at SND Electrical today!