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Securing your Home with Outdoor Lighting


Feeling secure in your own home shouldn't be a privilege; it is a basic human right. Installing outdoor lights goes some way towards securing your house.

When you think of home lighting, your initial thoughts may include the living room, bathroom and kitchen - we never seem to give enough attention to shedding light on the outside of our homes. Outdoor lighting is a practical solution for illuminating the garden at night, or for providing a clear pathway when walking to and from the house.


The number one reason for installing outdoor lights is the security element that comes with it. Dark surroundings make it easier for anyone or anything to go unspotted by either you or your neighbours - not to mention that walking alone in the dark can be unnerving.

Installing outdoor lights, along with cheap CCTV cameras, will make your home less of a target for anyone looking for an opportunity. Simply having these deterrents in place will help put off opportunistic burglars.

For maximum security, the best places to point a light at are the front door, driveway, garden gate and garage if you have one. These are considered priority spots as they lead directly into the house or where vehicles are stored, possibly out of sight.

Traditional Wall Lights

Ensuring the security of your home does not have to mean installing bright spotlights; this can also be accomplished by more elegant methods.

Traditional wall lights can be fitted almost anywhere on the exterior of the home and are available either with motion sensors, in order to switch on only when movement has been detected, or with internal switches.

Picking the Right Light

Everyone's taste is different, and whether traditional wall lights are to your liking or not, there are plenty of options to choose from in order to make your home secure. Other options include double and triple lamp post lights, as well as smaller options like pedestal lamps.

Whether you are looking for the ideal lighting solution inside or outside of the home, settling on one that not only does the job but looks great is important. It is also essential to consider what options will be the most efficient for your required use in order to strike the right balance between security and energy costs.

For more information on how lighting can improve your home security, please give our team a call on 0121 236 6999.