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Staying Safe with Electronics


Increasingly, electronics are now being used more than ever before. And with the arrival of winter and the festive season passing us by, this demand on electrical suppliers only rises further. Just think of all the extra gadgets and electronics that arrive in your home on Christmas morning! Plus, don't forget to mention the additional heaters and lights, all of which are necessary during the cold winter weather and long, dark nights of this time of year.

With these many electrical items needing to be plugged in, you can understand how easy it is to accidentally overload sockets and electrical outlets without intending to. This means that there are undoubtedly many other ways in which you are inadvertently putting yourself in danger through the hazardous use of electronics in your home. That is why we have put together a list of handy tips and tricks for staying safe whilst using electrical items in your home. Read on for our top electrical safety tips!

Don't Overload Sockets

With the influx of festive electronics, sockets are one of the big ones for health and safety concerns at this time of the year. It is usually best to stick to just one plug per socket, but if you do have to use adaptors or extension leads, double check that they have a fuse to protect from power surges before use.

If you constantly find yourself struggling to find spare sockets, it may well be time to consider rewiring key rooms in your home in order to provide the facility for additional sockets. When you are choosing your new sockets, we recommend chrome sockets. These are much more stylish and sophisticated than their traditional counterparts and blend into the existing look of your room much more.

Turn it Off

After you have finished using an electrical appliance, you should always make sure that you have fully switched it off. It is a good idea to get into the habit of double checking everything is off before you go out or go to bed, too.

Keep an Eye on the Condition of Sockets

Inevitably, over time, the condition of your electrical sockets and wires will deteriorate. For that reason, it is sensible to keep an eye on the condition of your sockets and plugs, especially those that are in regular use. If you come across any frayed or burned wiring, it may well be time to call the electrical suppliers in.

Electrical Common Sense

Of course, there are always the usual electrical safety tips to keep in mind. We know that you know them, but it's always worth a quick reminder.

The most obvious one is that electronics and water don't mix. Keep the two well away from each other to prevent any nasty accidents. You should also make sure not to let wires or cables trail underneath carpets or rugs, or behind heaters or other appliances that generate a lot of heat. Not only can this be a tripping hazard, but it is also unsafe because it can cause electronics to deteriorate much faster. Lastly, if you are renovating your home, make sure to be very careful if you need to make holes in walls or the ceiling for any reason, as you never know where a hidden electrical cable may be located.

For more information about reputable, trustworthy electrical suppliers and the range of electrical products that SND supply, browse our website or get in touch with us.