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Step Up Security

Step Up Security

Crime statistics for break-ins and burglaries increase exponentially over the holiday period, so it is important that you follow a few extra precautions to ensure the safety of your family and secure your home over Christmas.

There is more to home security than just purchasing a burglar alarm or CCTV from your local electrical suppliers in Birmingham. There are many things you can do, on top of this security, which can cost nothing while keeping your home safe from prying eyes and thieves.

Beat the Burglars

  • Install a motion sensor light outside your house. This not only alerts you to any movement outside your home, but it can also scare off potential burglars
  • Keep all gifts and presents hidden from view and away from windows and doors. Close curtains at night, and ensure you use blinds during the day
  • Make sure your home appears occupied at all times
  • Be sure to lock all windows and doors
  • Ensure there is someone home to receive parcels; if not possible, direct them to be left with neighbours or have them delivered to work
  • Carefully dispose of boxes and wrapping as these are ideal for criminals to figure out what is worth stealing in your home
  • Befriend your neighbours - utilise your allies, they can watch over your home if you are away; they can even turn lights on/ off and take post inside
  • Cancel all standing deliveries for milk/newspapers if you are going away for more than a day
  • Shred receipts and paperwork that is likely to identify you, and your purchases
  • There are various burglar alarms you can use in your home. Remember to set alarms before going to bed, or leaving the house
  • Invest in some CCTV to watch over your home. Remote viewing means you stay in control and can relax when out of town, or if you need to stay at work late

Not all Birmingham electrical suppliers are as quick to give advice and guidance for those looking to purchase home security products, but that is not the case with SND Electrical. We are more than happy to help you get what you need for the safety of your home, at the most competitive prices.

Please contact our team for more information.