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Summer Security Tips for Holiday-Lovers

Summer Security Tips for Holiday-Lovers

During summer, many homeowners will pack up and jet off to sunnier skies or a lovely camping holiday right here in the UK. Whilst this is certainly something to look forward to, especially if you’re in need of a little de-stressing, you need to be aware of the risks, notably, home break-ins.
Even if you live in a nice neighbourhood, break-ins can still occur at any time during your absence. That is why it is so important to think about what you can do to minimise this danger, all the while staying in the know if one was to happen.
To help, SnD Electrical have compiled just three security tips to consider before your trip(s) this summer.
Inform a Neighbour
Whilst you’re sunbathing in the Bahamas or playing cricket on the Welsh Coast, your neighbour will need to be your eyes; by this, we mean, keeping an eye on your property in your absence.
This isn’t all they can do though, as if you are particularly worried about leaving your property for a fortnight, they can take little steps to ensure your home looks lived in too. This includes collecting your mail, using your bins and parking their car in your driveway.
This can provide peace of mind throughout your trip, so don’t forget to inform a trusted neighbour that you will be leaving for X amount of time.
Lock Up and Don’t Forget Valuables
Of course, you can’t take your TV along for the ride, but you can make sure no small valuables are left lying around. As the adage goes, out of sight, out of mind, so gather your smaller prized possessions, carefully pack them away, and perhaps take them with you too.
On top of securing belongings, you also need to make sure all windows and doors are locked before you leave, so intruders aren’t invited in. Consider doing a routine check right before you set off.
Security Systems

If, however, you’re concerned about your property and are unsure if the above tips would help, security systems can be a fantastic alternative.
Not only do they monitor your property and record footage from different points around your home to capture any signs of a break-in or suspicious behaviour, but they may also deter criminals as well. Plus, some of them you can even link to your smartphone, for added peace of mind if you’re staying in the UK.
So, keep these three summer security tips in mind for when you next plan a holiday.