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Summer Weddings: LED Lighting

Summer Weddings: LED Lighting

For brides and grooms everywhere, now is the time to consider the finer details and bring everything together for your summer wedding. You have wedding favours for the reception, balloons for the hall and your cake all ready to order, but there’s something missing… have you thought about lighting? For an outdoor summer wedding, lighting is perhaps one of the most overlooked yet important factors to get right.
Of course, choosing the right type of lighting is crucial and considering there are so many options out there today, this can be a difficult stage of wedding planning. However, let us suggest an alternative to traditional forms of lighting that is both efficient and versatile. Enter LED lighting.
Ah yes, our old friend LED; it’s likely you’ve heard a lot about what this type of light can do, but how much do you know about what it can be used for? If you’re wondering how to use LED lighting for your summer wedding, keep reading, as we take you through just two ideas.
Illuminated Pathway
If you’re keen on the idea of an almost secret garden-inspired wedding, you are sure to love our two ideas in this article. First of all, you have the illuminated pathway, which is ideal if you are looking for something unconventional that doesn’t take away from the bride and groom. All you need is LED strip lighting, which will then be placed either side of the outdoor aisle, to lead the way to a bright future for the soon to be newlyweds! Follow this link to view our range of strip lighting.
DIY Floral Displays
However, if the first idea doesn’t take your fancy, you always have the option of incorporating LED light bulbs in DIY floral displays. This is something the whole family can get involved in, and is a great way to add a personal touch to your venue. All you need is some small LED light bulbs and creative hands to create the flowers. To get an idea of how to create the flowers, click here.
They can be placed around the venue as a form of stunning illumination on the bride and groom’s big day.
These are just two LED lighting ideas for summer weddings; do you have any more that you’d like to share with us here at