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Summer’s Out

Summer’s Out

With the warm season leaving us fast, we thought you might want some ideas to keep yourselves warm, before the blistering cold creeps in.  It is often wise to be prepared for the chillier months ahead; the weather is so undecided, it will happen before we know it. See below for just three of our products that will warm your bones through the blistering winter.

Over Door Heater

Don't you just love that feeling when you walk into a department store in the winter and feel that warm blast of air as soon as you step in through the doors? If you've ever wished you could have one of those, now you can! With these competitively priced over the door heaters, you can ensure you stay warm all year round. This is great for shops and businesses during the cold months too, as it can increase sales.

Fan Heaters

Ever felt so cold you don't even want to remove your clothes and get in the shower? Or, failing that, even getting out of the shower to put on your clothes afterwards? Fan heaters are perfect for keeping you warm behind the counter at a place of work, under your desk in the office or fitted in the bathroom with an optional timer. They are great energy savers and warm up the area ultra-efficiently.

Heated Towel Rails

There is nothing quite like wrapping up cosy and warm in a readily warmed towel after a shower. So stick your towel on one of these whilst you shower, and never feel that frostbitten sensation when you get out again. Heated towel rails are also perfect for warming up the bathroom in general.

So, before winter dawns, come on down to SND Electrical, one of the leading electrical suppliers in Birmingham, or contact us to discuss your requirements.