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Switches and Sockets: Which Finish Is For You?

Switches and Sockets: Which Finish Is For You?

Whether you are redecorating a room or renovating the entire house, you will have a hundred and one things to pay attention to. Designing and decorating a room is far more than applying a lick of paint and picking out pretty furnishings to dot around. You have to focus on the details and take each and every finishing touch into consideration if you really want to do it well. Of course, when tasked with looking at the finishing touches, everyone tends to think of things like decorative accessories, potted plants and exactly what goes where. There are, however, more functional aspects to a room such as the door handles, the light switches and the wall sockets. 

When looking at these particular finishing touches, you still have to think about them from a design - as well as practical - perspective. Now, light switches and wall sockets tend to come in a basic format that makes them functional and uniform, but their material and finish is what gives them the edge.

Read on to learn more about three of the most popular metallic finishes for light switches and wall sockets.

Satin Chrome

Satin chrome is a wonderful finish that suits any room. With a cool colour tone and a muted, matte appearance it is understated and attractive. Thanks to the combination of its silver colouring and nonglossy surface, satin chrome wall fixtures work well in both contemporary and traditionally styled rooms. They are subtle enough to complement neutral palettes and they are equally impressive as part of a bright or pastel design. On top of its aesthetic versatility, satin chrome is also a practical option because you don't have to deal with the same fingerprints and dust collection you would face with polished chrome.

Polished Brass

A nice alternative to other golden finishes, polished brass is a great finish to use if you have a room that is more traditional in style. Best coupled with warm colour palettes and woods, polished brass wall fixtures are a quick and easy way to make rooms appear more vintage. They are not as subtle as fixtures with matte finishes, but they are great way of adding a bit of shine to the walls in a practical way. The only downside is that polished brass' shiny surface gathers dust and shows up greasy fingerprints, so you will need to be prepared to keep on top of the dusting and polishing. However, if you want a simple, affordable way of adding a golden touch to your vintage or traditional room, polished brass is the way to do it.


Bronze is a wonderful finish for wall fixtures, especially if you are looking for something that will work well with everything from vintage and shabby chic designs to neutral palettes and minimalist rooms. The warm tone, matte finish and fantastic durability of a bronze switch plate is what makes it so versatile. It will work with almost any colour palette, looking the part in cosy English cottages and Moroccan-inspired rooms alike. Paired with traditional lighting like Tiffany style lights, bronze fixtures will add a touch of traditional sophistication and coupled with bronze, cream and white décor, these switch plates will appear both homely and chic.    

Of course, these are just three of the metallic finishes available but they are a far cry from the standard white plastic switch plates so often seen in homes. The finish you ultimately choose will depend on your décor, you budget and your personal preference. Whatever you choose though, finishing off any room with a classy metallic finish is a subtle and sophisticated way to make a statement. To see the wide selection of switch plates on offer at SND Electrical, browse our website or get in touch and find out more about everything from our black nickel light switches to our satin chrome wall sockets.