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Switches & Sockets

Cheap Electric Switches & Sockets

In the perfectly designed house there is no room for imperfections. Quite literally. Every single element has to incorporate and enhance your chosen style, from the furniture up until the window blinds and lighting. Switches and sockets also matter, although so many people don't even consider them while arranging the décor. Chrome sockets, for instance, can easily blend in and add an element of sophistication. Thanks to its slim sleek and stylish looks, those sockets represent functionality and fashionable solution at the same time. Not to mention their shape allows furniture to adjoin the wall (unlike the traditional sockets which stick out of the wall creating an unattractive gap between the two). Therefore on top of the aesthetical value, those switches are also highly practical.

All of SND's switches & sockets are suitable for both contemporary and traditional design. Products manufactured from the best quality materials for the comfort and safety of the user. Double sockets and single sockets versions are both available. Elegant and classic, both Hamilton and Hilton - the most popular choices at SND would be a great addition for every personal and commercial property. SND provides the best quality at affordable prices. We are also happy to advise on not only on which product is best to suit their needs, but also on the installation and maintenance process.  Fully trained and professional staff is always available to answer any queries.