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That Light Bulb Moment

That Light Bulb Moment

The light bulb is so common these days that it is hard to imagine life without it. We use light bulbs in our buildings and cars, on our streets and roads, to heat tanks and so much more. Whilst we may take the humble light bulb for granted, it has continued to shine brightly for us for generations. Evolving from the lowly, incandescent light bulb through to bright halogens and the energy efficient led light bulbs we have today, the light bulb has had one hell of a journey.

The first working electric light bulb was invented in 1802 by Humphrey Davy. Although there were some twenty other inventors trying to create a viable light bulb that was suitable for commercial mass production, it wasn't until Thomas Edison struck gold in 1879 that the light bulb - as we know it, was born.

Once the working design was in place, it didn't take long for improvements and developments to take hold. Most of the improvements that we may take for granted today were enhancements made by General Electric (G.E). When the technology allowed, they implemented Edison's suggestion of using a carbonised bamboo filament that would last 1200 hours - incredible technology for the time.

Since then, we have been introduced to:

  • Frosted light bulbs, in the 1920s
  • One-use flashlights for photography and tanning bulbs, in the 1930s
  • Soft lighting, in the 1940s
  • Halogens that were 15% more efficient with a longer life span, courtesy of G.E, in the 1950s
  • Low wattage halides that are used for bikes, in the 1980s
  • Energy saving bulbs, including LEDs that are the most energy efficient bulbs capable of 30,000 hours of light, in the 1990s

As you can tell, the life of the light bulb has been a long one, but we are sure you will agree that life without the light bulb in it would leave us more than just in the dark. With so many variations of lights on offer in today's market, it is hard to know just which way to go. SND Electrical are renowned for the ultimate supplier of lighting in Birmingham and the Midlands, including bathroom lighting,  floor lamps, led light bulbs and traditional wall lights.

For more information on our range of lights and electrical supplies, please contact us today.