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The Blood Lamp: Inspiring A Nation

The Blood Lamp: Inspiring A Nation

In a society so based on energy consumption, so many people are striving for new ways to go ‘green’. While there are few inventions that have actually succeeded in significantly reducing a city’s energy consumption, there is one particular break-through that has both shocked and boggled the mind of those who have seen it. It was aptly named the blood lamp and here’s why.

The Blood Lamp

The initial thought process behind this extraordinary invention was ‘what if power came at cost to individuals all around the world?’ and while the simple chemistry behind this invention is regarded as gruesome and medieval by many, the concept behind it is, well, breath-taking. The blood lamp was originally manufactured to prove to individuals the true cost of energy as well as showing people how precious energy truly is. The way it works is that the individual must break off the top of the phial, dissolve the powder provided and then must sacrifice a drop of their blood to provide an alluring blue glow.

How it works is actually quite remarkable. By incorporating the chemical luminol, a substance forensic scientists use to show blood by reacting with the iron in the red blood cells, you yourself have the ability to transform the water into a blue glow.

The designer behind this astonishing invention, Mike Thompson, wanted to show people the true value of energy. As the light can only be used once, it forces the user to consider when the light is most needed and to re-think how wasteful they are of the energy they already use along with how precious it is to a society so enticed with development and ultimately uneconomical energy usage.

A Lesson Learned

Though many countries are taking a step forward in terms of economical progression through the use of LED lighting technology to ultimately reduce their energy wastage, I think there can be a lesson learned for everyone with the creation of Mike Thompson’s blood light. How much energy goes into powering unnecessary home appliances, how many lights have been left on throughout the day with no necessary purpose and how much you currently spend on energy. From this, hopefully more people will be encouraged to use more eco-friendly technology, such as LED light bulbs.

Let’s Review

While the blood lamp isn’t available on today’s market for obvious reasons, the message it sends can be considered a valuable one. By using LED lights you could save up to hundreds on your energy consumption bills. Not only are they economical, it is also thought that LED light bulbs can save you roughly 80% of electrical power. In addition, they are super eco-friendly as they contain no hazardous substances that may harm the environment.

LED light bulbs have also been proven to help significantly reduce the risk of serious car accidents during daylight hours by as much as 15% as well as being a viable option for plant growth (see here for information on how LED lights are helping strawberry’s grow!) For more of the benefits of LED lights, click here.