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The Crazy Way To Light Your Home

The Crazy Way To Light Your Home

Ever thought of the idea of lighting up your home using your own blood? No neither did we! But for one designer, he had that exact train of thought.

Designer Mike Thompson, has created a concept called Blood Lamp which calls for users to break the top of the glass (bulb-shaped) and find one of the jagged edges to cut their finger and drop their blood into the lamp.

Although we agree that this unexplained chemistry is mystifying it is hardly practical. He has designed this light source with the environment in mind as this is his idea of improving your carbon footprint.

Our idea might be a bit healthier and will save you money on buying plasters every time you need light in your home too. This idea is LED light bulbs. These light bulbs offer the same bright light that can be expected from normal lights and the Blood Lamp but it uses less energy and saves you money.

LED strip lighting uses the heat that is lost through normal bulbs to light up, so there is no energy lost and no lack of light. Their life span is a lot longer than normal lights too and you don't have to make yourself bleed every time you need to brighten a dark room. 

Another positive with our LED lighting strips is that they can be placed pretty much anywhere around your home. Their self-adhesive backing means that they can stick to any surface too, which means they can be hidden on the underside of the kitchen counter, for example. The Blood Lamp can only stand upright on a surface, so that's another practicality fail compared to the LED's.

Don't end up taking a trip to A & E, invest in some LED light bulbs and light your home safely.