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The Curse of the Changing Room

The Curse of the Changing Room

At some point or another, we have all been into a changing room that has not only filled our mind full of dread and promises to join the gym, but we have also left the shop entirely empty handed. It's pretty unheard of that someone has put on ten pounds of weight in the thirty seconds it takes to enter a changing room, so that leaves just one other reason for your disapointing shopping trip: bad lighting.

It's pretty obvious if you think about it. Photographers spend an age adjusting the light on photo shoots, adding in powerful flashes and reflectors to ensure the best lighting possible. It makes sense then that clothes shop should want to give the perfect lighting in changing rooms to encourage sales? However, it seems that the toss-up between flattering led strip lights and harsh overhead lights is just too difficult a decision for them to make.

Get it Right

So, this is our shout out to department stores and high street retailers alike: do some research before putting the lights out on far too many customers.

There have been many, many hours of research by journalists across the globe trying to get their heads round why the way we look in a changing room is entirely different to how we look in the real world. The results are in and are fairly conclusive.

  • Vertical lights, such as led strip lights, placed in front of mirrors are most flattering
  • Harsh overhead lighting is the best way to lose a customer in 60 seconds
  • Spotlights can make or break a sale - placement is key
  • Traditional wall lights give a softer glow but can create odd body shadows
  • Mirrors flush to the wall do nothing for observing the body in a flattering way. Small mirrors do the same
  • Wall and curtain colours matter. White décor will reflect light, not absorb it like darker shades do
  • Bigger changing rooms and taller mirrors give a more accurate reflection
  • Multiple mirrors diffuse light

So, there you have it. Lighting is essential when trying on clothes, so it might just be worth your while to try them on at home and bring them back if necessary. Get the lighting right at home with SND Electrical- we have wall lights in abundance. Contact us today for more information.