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The future of LED lighting

The future of LED lighting

LED lights are making a significant impact in several modern transport industries, where their popularity is predicted to replace traditional forms of lighting due to their efficiency, variety and durability.

One industry in which they are significantly changing conventional methods of lighting is the automobile industry, where they are being used in both the production and design of modern cars. This is due to how LED lightbulbs are guaranteeing drivers extra safety by taking less time to light up than conventional filament lights. LED lights are also easier to spot by drivers, cyclists and pedestrians as they produce a much brighter light than conventional bulbs used in past cars.  

As well as providing extra safety features, they're also being increasingly used as a decorative feature in cars, helped by the fact that they can be easily shaped to create new designs and project a variety of different colours. Drivers can add different types of LED, including LED strip lighting and corner lights, to customize their car from the glove box to the underbody. Within the interior they're commonly used to create ambience, whilst on the exterior they aim to improve visibility whilst on the road, demonstrating how LED lights are becoming more and more beneficial for car drivers. 

The motorcycle industry has also begun to use LEDs, constructing, producing, and customizing modern motorcycles with LED lightbulbs. Whilst also proving useful whilst driving in the night, they're additionally being used to personalize and accessorize motorcycles. Frequently displayed at conventions, one popular use of LED strip lights for motorcycle drivers consists of placing them under the framework in order to produce a distinct glow over the entire motorcycle.

A recent market research report created to monitor global LED lighting market growth predicts that the market for LED lights was worth £4.8 billion in 2012. This will increase to £42 billion in 2019, with the current market being predicted to increase by 45% each year.

Originally created in 1962, it was scientist Nick Holonyak Jr who demonstrated the world's first light-emitting diode (LED), stating their energy efficiency will soon lead to them replacing incandescent lights. Considering their popularity as a low energy light solution in the 21st century, and with Wired magazine stating in a 2011 article that the future of light is the LED, it would be no surprise if this statement comes true very soon.