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The Great Office Heating Debate

The Great Office Heating Debate

The temperature of the office is one of the most fiercely contested and hotly debated topics in any office, up and down the country. At this time of year, especially, many offices will be freezing cold until Friday lunchtime - at which point the office will turn into a furnace, just in time for the weekend switch off.

"It's so cold" and "It's far too hot in here" are statements that will resonate with workers across the UK, regardless of the weather outside. For many offices, it is simply a case of you can't please everyone; what works for one won't always work for another.

This is where your trusty electrical suppliers, SND Electrical, come into the equation.

For official guidelines on managing temperatures in the office, please refer to the Health and Safety Executive.

When it's Too Cold

While every office has one person who is happy to wear a t-shirt, no matter what the weather or temperature, the giveaway signs that your office is too cold comprise of the following:

  • Staff wearing a multitude of layers
  • Staff leaving warm clothing to hand in the office, to wrap up in
  • Hot water bottles being filled more often than your mug for tea
  • Staff huddling around the kettle or photocopier for warmth
  • Fingerless gloves, indoors
  • Staff wearing outdoor coats all day long

We have a range of heating solutions for such situations, including the use of fan heaters. Firstly, it is worth getting your heating system looked at as it might be broken. Similarly, upping the temperature a few degrees won't make too much difference to your bill but will do wonders for your staff and their productivity.

Our fan heaters are useful for raising the temperature, too, as they can direct heat rapidly to where it is most needed.

When it's Too Hot

If your office is the polar opposite and is always warm, it can be just as bad as if it were too cold. Offices that are too warm can make staff feel sleepy and lethargic which is as counter-productive as not being able to feel your fingers.

Ensure your heating is set to a temperature that is more suitable for your office space. It might be that your office is densely populated for the space allocated, which can feel a lot warmer than a more open plan office would. Make use of the natural temperature by opening windows to get air circulating and visit your local electrical suppliers to stock up on electric fans.

For more advice for staff on how to deal with temperature control, please visit this website.

For all your electrical supplier needs in the Birmingham area, look no further than SND Electrical, the ultimate supplier.