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The Origins of the Christmas Light

The Origins of the Christmas Light

Here at SnD we've started to notice that Christmas is making its way into our lives yet again! That's right folks, summer is long gone and we've already got our scarves out. The Coca-Cola Christmas truck is making its way around the country, while Santa is busy preparing Rudolph and his sledge. It's undeniable that Christmas brings a lot of colour with it. Famous for bright golds, warm dark reds, and deep greens, the festive season knows how to illuminate our lives at such a gloomy time of the year.

Rays of incandescent light burst from shop windows and homes during Christmas, as we set out to dress our surrounds with lavish decorations in order to celebrate the birth of Christ. Most of us find that dressing the tree with LED lighting (Light Emitting Diode) is the worst part of Christmas. Having to get them down from the loft, pull them out of a dusty box, and then untangle them could be a part of Christmas most people would rather do without. Although we are familiar with the themes and symbolism of Christmas, do we really understand why we dress our trees with lights? Visit our website for the best LED's on the market!

The tradition of dressing Christmas trees dates all the way back to the middle of the 17th century. Originally put in place to represent the North Star, candles were stuck to tree branches with candle wax or attached with pins. The tradition started off in Germany but slowly moved across Eastern Europe over the next 200 years. Due to house fires becoming increasingly popular, people wouldn't put their trees up until Christmas Eve, which would ensure that the tree wouldn't be up for a very long time. During this period the tree would be fresh for Christmas day and considerably less flammable.

The tradition of putting Christmas lights on a tree didn't come around until the late 19th century, when Edward Johnson stringed together red, white and blue bulbs and placed them around the Christmas tree. In 1895 the White House followed suit and decorated its tree in the same colours, which led to the public soon copying what the president had done. Nevertheless, it was still incredibly expensive to light a Christmas tree and would require a professional electrician to install the lights, and a generator to power the lights if the home didn't have electricity installed.

Luckily for you and everyone at, we now have led light bulbs and led strip lights, which allow us to simply plug in and enjoy our lights, without setting the house on fire or installing a generator. LED lighting has changed the way we use electricity in our homes and offices. Cheap and simple to install, LED light bulbs last for a much longer time than regular bulbs, and when they do eventually blow they're cheaper and easier to replace than normal bulbs. LED light bulbs are one of the biggest things in lighting since the electrical light was first invented. LED lighting can be extremely flexible, fitting into many existing fittings as well as new designs too.