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Thinking of CCTV?

Thinking of CCTV?

Home security is big business, and we think it’s a worthy investment if you want to provide the very best in home security for your family, as well as your property. If you are considering purchasing CCTV for your home, then there are a few things to note before you splash out, and our easy to follow guide means you will be set up in no time at all. It is worth noting that security for the home doesn’t have to be expensive – our cheap CCTV cameras are high quality as well as affordable.
First of all, draw up a plan of your house and decide two things. Firstly, how many cameras do you need to secure your property, and second, where to place them. Consider covering front and back doors, garages and driveways, porches, off street windows and stairs. A minimum of 1-3 will suffice but obviously opt for as many CCTV cameras as you can afford.
Choose your cameras. There are various types out there for you to choose from. Here at SND, we have a range of bullet and dome cameras that are suitable. Deciding between wireless and non-wireless cameras might narrow your choices so choose wisely for your needs. Another decision to make is whether or not you want indoor cameras or outdoor cameras. We recommend a mix of both to ensure the best quality results, with the right amount of durability required.
Now, you need a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). This is the heart of your surveillance hub. Your DVR will connect your cameras and store playback. You will, of course, need a monitor to watch it back on. We suggest keeping this hub somewhere safe, perhaps in the attic or an office so as not to draw attention to its location. Many DVR’s allow remote viewing so you can watch from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
Before installing your quality,  cheap CCTV cameras, it is worth checking with your local authority regarding privacy; it is illegal to record without consent, and they can inform you on how to go about adhering to this law – saving you a hefty fine should you be penalised.
Aside from that, stay safe and secure with CCTV cameras from SND Electrical. Please contact us should you require any further advice or information and look forward to the peace of mind your new home security brings.