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Three Signs of a Flawed Security System

Three Signs of a Flawed Security System

Protecting your home, and those within it, is so important.
In fact, many homeowners, as well as businesses, are increasing security for peace of mind, safety, and reassurance in the event of a break-in. A good security system is priceless, but it needs to be set-up and installed properly if it is to be of any use.
A flawed security system does not just refer to the technology itself though. Without proper precautions and measures, the system on a wider outlook may not work; this could be down to placement, inadequate lighting or other factors.
In today’s post, we will be looking at just three tell-tale signs of a flawed security system, to inform our readers of what to look out for, and what action to take if and when necessary.
Insufficient Camera Coverage
Camera coverage is vital when it comes to securing your premises. The cameras need to be positioned correctly in order to cover all bases and avoid any blind spots that intruders may identify. Though this is not necessarily a flaw with the system itself, unless you can note any obvious defects, it is still something to be aware of.
So, take a walk around your property and note down vulnerable points or invest in a security company to install a system for you, like us here at SND Electrical.
Lack of Lighting

Unless your security camera has night vision, the UK isn’t too kind to us when it comes to picture-perfect, clear evenings, making it important that you have adequate lighting in place. Whether you opt for automatic flood lights, which sense movement, or more traditional means of lighting, ensuring the camera has a clear view if an intruder was to break-in is vital.
No Connectivity

More advanced security cameras come with seamless connectivity, allowing you to keep an eye on your property, even when you’re not in, via a tablet or mobile phone. This comes in handy if you venture off on holiday, either in the UK or further afield, and you want to ensure your property and belongings are safe and sound.
However, if your system has poor or no connectivity at times, it can be difficult to receive a clear picture of your home’s surroundings. So, when purchasing a security camera, be sure to query its connectivity and ensure that your home internet is stable enough to support the connection.
These are just three signs of a flawed security system, looking at both the security camera system itself and what you can do to achieve the best possible results. See our collection of security systems for your peace of mind.