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Ultimate energy saver

Ultimate energy saver

There has always been a debate between whether LED light bulbs are actually energy savers or not. Well, are they?

Despite the talk, it is true that LED light bulbs do save a lot of energy and money, as well as a lot of time compared to incandescent bulbs. These tend to require changing a couple of times a year at least due to the life span of incandescent being so low.

So much hassle.  Compared to the LED light bulb, incandescent bulbs are a lot less durable meaning either the filament or glass can break too easily, another reason why the lifespan tends to be so low.

Also, with the dedication of many people across the UK to reduce the carbon footprint across the UK, will the use of incandescent bulb soon come to a sudden end? 
Research has shown that by using a bulb with lower energy consumption like an LED light bulb, this can reduce CO2 emissions; sulphur oxide and very high level nuclear waste, therefore, reducing your carbon footprint and also energy consumption. So, why else should you invest in an LED product?

Another reason we should take into consideration is that by using LED products as opposed to incandescent, we can save an incredible 80% on energy consumption.
If we used incandescent light bulbs instead, we would be producing a massive 3285 KWh of electricity annually per 30 bulbs, sending our electrical energy consumption through the roof.

So, by comparing the price and contributing factors, it is a definite that you will save yourself a lot of money, time and energy while still decreasing your carbon footprint by investing in a LED light bulb rather than an incandescent, therefore making the LED light bulb the ultimate all round energy saver.