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Upgrade to LED Lighting This Year

Upgrade to LED Lighting This Year

Whether for commercial business use or domestic, we all need light - cosy, low lights to relax with; bright and powerful lights for clarity and visibility; and spotlights to accent features and critical areas. LED lighting is the latest in a long line of technological advances in the lighting world - and it's definitely something worth shouting about.

There is a multitude of benefits and reasons as to why you should upgrade your lighting - such as wanting a higher quality light that is both cost effective and resourceful in terms of energy. LED lighting is a sustainable way to illuminate your future, so keep reading for more benefits in the long term.

Without further ado...

  • Compared to halogens, LED lights offer a 75% reduction in energy consumption
  • Compared to traditional light bulbs, they save approximately 80% of electricity used
  • LED's are much safer at lower levels - you can even touch them, they will be cold to touch
  • They also work on a lower voltage, making them much safer and less likely to trip your electrics
  • The lifespan of LED lights is extensive and require very little upkeep - they offer up to 50,000 hours per bulb
  • The light produced is solid at all times - no annoying flickering in the office distracting employees
  • The output of LED lights can be adjusted with the use of a dimmer switch
  • They are much safer for use in the environment as they don't contain any harmful gases or liquids
  • LED lights are silent
  • They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use - no matter what the weather. Spotlights and strips will work perfectly in the warehouse, with floodlights for the car park and external areas
  • LED's operate on full brightness at all times - no warm up needed
  • LED lights can be recycled - so be sure to make the most of their resourcefulness
  • They are versatile and can be used in many different situations
  • LED lighting offers a lower carbon footprint than other lighting solutions

The LED (Light Emitting Diode) is one of the most innovative lighting developments in recent years. Not only will these lights last much longer, but they use less energy compared to other lighting methods. This is simply because many previous lights used a lot of energy; creating heat as well as light.

Utilising these environmentally friendly, resourceful lighting options for your home or business; in the form of floodlights, panels, strips or simple spotlights, is a great way of ensuring that you are ready for the latter part of the year when the sun sets earlier, and it gets dark before people finish work.

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