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Warrington’s plans to make the switch to a cost-effective alternative

Warrington’s plans to make the switch to a cost-effective alternative

Warrington Borough Council is planning to revamp the borough by replacing its current 27,000 street lights with LED lighting.

According to, the council will be putting £25m forward in order to upgrade its current street lighting and lanterns over a period of three years. Around 18,000 lights are said to be replaced and the new project is expected to diminish energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and light pollution.

The Council commented, "White light has been shown to make objects appear clearer and faces more recognisable, even if lighting levels are lower. This is especially important for the elderly and those with poor eyesight."

The council will also have a specialised management system so that they can appropriately control the street lighting. Previously, the council has replaced thousands of lights when they became part of the Invest to Save scheme; this project was said to use dimming in hundreds of lights.

At the moment, lighting costs the council around £1.4m per year just in energy bills and "counts as 17 per cent of the authority's total carbon dioxide emissions." More than 60 per cent of the street lighting has been used for roughly 25 years or over.

Also, in Liverpool, the council has decided to change its existing street lighting and replace it for LED lighting instead in hopes that it will "brighten its streets and reduce carbon dioxide emissions and energy costs." This £7m project is going to be carried out in stages during the next two years.

Mayor Joe Anderson commented, "We have decided to bring LED street lighting to Liverpool to improve the lighting across the city and make our streets safer. This will help to make our city greener and a better place to live by saving over 1,400 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year."

In addition, the cost of maintenance for these new street lights is expected to fall by as much as £2.7m over the next five years, following the instalment of all the new LED alternatives. He added, "We can then reinvest this saving into other key services for the benefit of our local communities and the prosperity of Liverpool."

It's estimated that at the moment, the council spends roughly £2.6m every year through the energy cost of running 57,000 street lights as well as its illuminated bollards and signs.

If you're interested in switching your current lighting for LED lighting and you'd like to find out more about the benefits of making the switch, please get in touch with SND Electrical today to find out more. Alternatively, please feel free to browse through the rest of our site to look at our collection of electrical goods and lighting alternatives. We look forward to hearing from you soon!