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Weird yet impressive uses of LED lighting

Weird yet impressive uses of LED lighting

Everyone knows about LED lighting and its benefits, but sometimes we can wonder what else LED lighting can be used for. Let's look have a look at some of the most unusual and unique alternative uses of LED in our houses.

  1. One of the most unique uses and possibly one of the most amazing uses of LED lighting in houses is as wallpaper. With a choice of complicated styles and patterns to something a bit more subtle, it is the perfect chance to illuminate your room, creating a chilled vibe or an excitable atmosphere.

    A huge advantage of LED wallpaper for interior designers is that the wallpaper can be hung in as few or as many strips as they desire according to the furnishing of the whole room.

  2. It is true that LED lighting has been used in skin care, but a revolutionary idea of pain relief has now become a popular concept as well. Apparently, using LED lights is an effective way of treating Seasonal Affective Disorder. It accelerates healing through artificial lighting as the disorder usually comes around due to a lack of sunlight, i.e. in winter months.

  3. Another unusual approach to the uses of LED lighting is showerheads. People often use LED lighting in showerheads or even taps to create a futuristic, vibrant effect adding to the relaxing vibe that comes with this alternative use of LED lighting. It can be installed to change colour along with a change in water temperature, producing a cooler atmosphere.

  4. It is common knowledge that LED lights can be used to help plants grow, everybody knows it. So, the idea of a LED plant pot is surely great and effective.  By combining the technology of LED lighting with the simplicity of a plant pot, you can guarantee both style and a very healthy plant.

  5. Fed up of rainy days getting you down? Shine bright and feel safe on a cloudy day with an umbrella fitted with LED lighting. Not only will the selection of vibrant colours cheer you up on that miserable day, it will also ensure safety and visibility to drivers when crossing busy roads.

These are just five types of weird and colourful uses for LED lighting, there are plenty more to experiment with!

These cheap and durable lights also make the perfect impression lighting your entire home up. Why not try illuminating your house using this simple tactics? Or maybe you could invent your own! Make your home a warm, bright and colourful house today.