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What’s The Difference between LED Rope Lights and Led Strip Lights?

What’s The Difference between LED Rope Lights and Led Strip Lights?

Many people are confused between LED Rope Lights and LED Strip Lights, the main difference is that the LED Rope Light offers light distribution the whole way round as opposed to an LED Strip Light which offers one-directional lighting making it ideal for light in one specific location.

LED Strip Lighting is more versatile than LED Rope Lights and is good to use when you want to conceal where the light itself is coming from.

Due to LED Lighting technology, LED Strip Lights have excellent energy saving capabilities, so much so that they are able to save 80% more energy than ordinary strip lights. This helps you to lower your electricity bills while lowering your carbon footprint and helping to protect the environment.

LED Light Dimmers are also becoming increasingly popular to help save even more energy (and more money) while creating an atmosphere and mood setting within your home or business.

LED Strip Lighting solutions are often used for interior decoration; they can light up corners well and work well as a decorative addition to a mirror or bed head. Strip Lighting also works well in aquariums and under shelf areas to light each shelf in a glass cabinet for example.

You will find that LED Strip Lights tend to come in two main types, you can ultra bright strip lights or decorative strip lights that offer a colour-changing option too (ideal for trendy bars, restaurants or night clubs).

The main thing you need to decide is what you want to light up and how you would like it lit up, then call us and we can recommend the best LED lighting solutions for your needs.