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For technical queries please ring 0121 236 5012

Skare Soda Maker 2 Water Carbonator with 2 Included Water Bottles & 12cl Gas Cylinder - Black

by Skare
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Brand: Skare
SKU 236-SSM-BL-02, 236-SB-1L-ST, CO2-YOU-GAS

This speical offer includes:

1x Skare Soda Maker with Included Black Bottle - 236-SSM-BL-02

1x Extra Steel replacement bottle - 236-SB-1L-ST

*Offer available while stocks last. Gas Cylinder not included, click here to see 12cl cylinder. We recommend that you use the provided bottle though you can use an alternate make. 

Skare Soda Maker 2 Water Carbonator with Bottle | 236-SSM-BL-02

Skare is made of stainless steel - a durable and high-quality material. It comes in polished steel or matte spray finish of black or white. No batteries or electricity are required, which means you can place your cordless appliance anywhere you’d like. 

Intuitive design

The design of Skare is as simple as the appliance is to use. With just a push of a button, you can carbonate your water with the exact amount of bubbles you want. The appliance mechanism produces small, soft bubbles, making your water every bit as delicious as bottled premium water.

Skare Bottle, 1L Steel | 236-SB-1L-ST

Buy an extra bottle to always have cold water ready for carbonation. Carbon dioxide dissolves more easily in cold water, so always having refrigerated water at hand helps your CO2 cylinder last longer.

Our bottles are dishwasher safe, so no need for hand washing. This saves you time and is good for the environment, since you use up as much water running the tap for 1–2 minutes as your dishwasher does during an entire cycle.