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For technical queries please ring 0121 236 5012

Reolink 4K Dual-Lens 180° WiFi Floodlight Camera with 64GB MicroSD Card

by Reolink
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Reolink 4K Dual-Lens 180° WiFi Floodlight Camera with 64GB MicroSD Card

Introducing the Reolink 4K 8MP Floodlight Dual-Lens with 180° Panoramic View Wi-Fi Duo Camera. Coupled with advanced AI Person/vehicle & pet detection along with deterrent spotlights makes this a true guardian of your property. Colour night vision enhances the experience further with 24/7 crystal clear views and recording capabilities for more accurate alerts and data. Two-way audio built-in means further communication and prevention ability if required, via the Reolink App. This product also comes with a 64GB MicroSD card supplied for extensive recording. IP66 rated for Outdoor use. Utilising the WiFi capability ensures a quick and easy setup with connectivity to your property router.

Product Features

4K Ultra HD — Crystal clear videos with 4K high resolution and an expanded perspective. Every little detail will be finely captured

Built-in Floodlight — Illuminates and monitors every area of your property with adjustable 1800 lumens of brightness to cater for your environmental needs. Capture footage of what would usually be dark areas of view with the Reolink Floodlight.

Dual lens 180 - The dual lens provides a 180 degree angle view to obtain as much visual area as possible by utilising it's unique image stitching capability from the two lenses., covering much finer detail and providing a smoother image with less distortion

Colour Night Vision - Experience the highest level visual detail 24/7 with the incredible ability to see all detail in colour at night as well as day with the use of intelligent lighting technology Never miss an important moment and capture the best evidence possible any time of the day & night.

Dual Band WiFi connectivity - allows a stable wireless connection between your Router and WiFi capable cameras to ensure crystal clear footage in real-time to your Reolink App. Dual Band ensures that it works cohesively with your Router on two WiFi channels which interchange automatically depending on your balance load of bandwidth on your Router settings, to help deliver the best speed of data and viewing ability in conjunction with all your other wireless devices in your property. Furthermore ensuring an easy installation solution to your property and area of monitoring interest without the need to extensive network cables.

Advanced Smart AI - This camera provides Smart artificial intelligence powered detections, making it possible to distinguish between Human, Pets and Vehicle presence within your cameras view, this can help avoid unnecessary notifications whilst providing top level accuracy and efficiency from this security and monitoring solution as well as informing you of what has triggered your camera and notifications.

Siren - This camera provides a further deterrent to unwanted persons or suspicious activity, a built-in alarm that can be activated automatically based on detection or alternatively a manual trigger via the Reolink App, add extra protection to your property security. Custom settings allow for a siren or a custom recorded message to be played from the camera speakers.

Two Way Audio - Communicate with the subject via the Reolink App, utilising the camera's speaker and microphone simultaneously with your app, you can communicate to the person or pet that has triggered your camera notification. Whether it be to help deter suspicious activity, speak to your pets, or instruct a delivery driver regarding your parcel, the two-way audio option adds an extra welcome benefit to your security and monitoring solution.

MicroSD Storage - The device comes with 64GB of storage which helps store your recordings upon motion detection.

Reolink App - All Reolink cameras can be viewed real-time in the palm of your hand wherever you are, via the Reolink Smartphone app. Manage and control your entire Reolink security system(s), communicate with two-way audio with those that trigger your camera's notifications, access, download to your smartphone and even share your footage in just a few button presses. Peace of mind in the palm of your hand! Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant screen devices.


Resolution 8MP / 4K
Connectivity WIFI
Band 2.4/5GHz
Power DC 12.0V 1.87A
NVR Compatible? Yes
Connects Via WiFi
Works with Google? Yes
Works with Alexa? Yes
Storage Included 64GB MicroSD Card
Max Storage 256GB
Cloud Storage Available? No
SD Card Local Storage Yes
Auto Pan & Tilt No 
Spotlights Yes
IR Nightvision (B & W)  Yes
Full Colour Nightvision Yes
2 Way Audio Yes
Siren  Yes
PIR Detection No
Human Detection Yes
Vehicle Detection Yes
Pet Detection Yes
H.265 Compression Yes
IP Rating IP65