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For technical queries please ring 0121 236 5012

Eufy Clean RoboVac X9 Pro with Auto Clean Station

by Eufy
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Eufy Clean RoboVac X9 Pro with Auto Clean Station

Adaptive Pressure Mopping with Dual Rotating Mops: Pentagonal mops spin at 3 rotations per second with 1 kg of adaptive pressure to easily remove tough dirt and stains on hard floors.

Auto-Clean Station with 40°C (104°F) Heated Drying: When vacuuming and mopping is finished, the Auto-Clean Station washes and dries the mops to prevent bacterial growth and lingering odors.

12 mm Auto-Lift Mop: Effortlessly clean hard floors and carpets with an automatic mop that lifts 12 mm when carpet is detected for whole-home cleaning.

5,500 Pa Strong Suction: The powerful vacuum system effortlessly picks up dust, dirt, pet hair, and crumbs, leaving your carpets and floors exceptionally clean after just one pass.

Accurate AI.See™ Detection: Avoid common household objects, including wires, slippers, and furniture with 3D ToF sensors and an AI-camera built with privacy and security in mind.


Switch to Any Surface, Dynamic Mopping with Dual Rotating Mops, 5,500 Pa Strong Suction, Auto-Clean Station with 40°C Heated Drying, 12mm Auto-Lift Mop, Accurate AI.See System & iPath Laser Navigation. 

Clean Every Room of Your Home, No Matter the Surface: The auto-lift mop completes 3 rotations per second with 1kg (2.2 lb) of pressure, working in tandem with the 5,500 vacuum for deep cleaning. 

Clean Messes Not Only by Vacuuming but Also Mopping: Clean wet and dry messes effortlessly for more family time, clean floors, and a stress-free life

Clean Floors for Kids No Matter Where They Go: Effectively remove dirt from hard floors and carpets so little ones can crawl and play safely.

Adaptive Rotating Mops - 1kg Downward Pressure, 2x Mop Pads, 3 Rotations per Second. 

Strong Mopping Pressure - Mop Floors, Don't Just Wipe. Unlike most other robotic mops that wipe your floors, X9 Pro's mop pads exert downwards pressure as they rotate to remove stubborn stains.

Eliminate Stains - Eliminate Stains Efficiently, Dynamic mopping eliminates tough stains on hard floors like tile, hardwood, and laminate. 

Auto Clean Station

Washing the Mop - The mop pads are washed after cleaning so they're ready for the next use. 

Drying the Mop - The mop pads are dried with 40°C hot air to prevent the build up of bacteria and odours.