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For technical queries please ring 0121 236 5012

Philips LED Classic 50W GU10 Warm White 36D Pack of 6 Bulbs - Non Dimmable

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This Philips LED light bulb provides a beautiful, extra warm light, an exceptionally long life and immediate, significant energy savings. With its flame colour temperature, this light bulb is the perfect choice for a cosy atmosphere

Experience warm white LED light

Create a warm, inviting ambience

Warm White



5.4cm x 5cm

Directional reflector

Perfect for accent lighting

Modern lighting with a familiar wide-angle light output (36 degrees), this LED spot is suitable for both accent lighting and general-purpose lighting. It can be used in recesses and track light fixtures, and is ideal for use in kitchens, kitchen island lighting, living rooms and dining rooms.

True incandescent-like warm white light

This bulb has a colour temperature of 2,700 K, providing you with a warm, tranquil atmosphere, perfect for relaxing. This 2,700 K light is ideal for home lighting design.

Similar shape and size as halogen reflectors

Similar shape and size as halogen reflectorsWith its beautifully shaped design and familiar dimensions, this is a modern lighting, LED reflector. The perfect sustainable replacement for traditional halogen reflectors.