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For technical queries please ring 0121 236 5012
For technical queries please ring 0121 236 5012

Timeguard take PIR Presence Detectors to the next level for optimum coverage and control.

  • Slimline sensor head design.
  • 360° area of detection with up to an 8m detection range for motion and 4m for presence detection at a 3m mounting height.
  • IP44 weatherproof rating (internal use only).
  • Manual override.
  • Adjustable time setting: 3 seconds – 18 minutes.
  • Adjustable 1–1000 LUX setting.
  • Total PIR switching – 2000W halogen, 500W fluorescent, 250W LED lighting, 75W fan.
  • Flush mounting.
  • 75mm diameter ceiling cut-out.
Operating Voltage 230V AC
1 or 2 Channel 1 Channel
Controls LED Lighting (max.) 250W
1st Channel Filament/Halogen Loading (W) 2000
1st Channel Fluorescent/Low Energy Loading (W) 500/150 CFL/Low Energy
Weatherproof Rating IP44
Detection (metres max.) 8m
Angle of Detection 360°
Light ON Time after last (seconds min.) 3
Detection (Adjustable) – (minutes max.) 18
Permanent ON Facility Electronic
Adjustable light level control
EC Directives (conforms to latest directives)
Dimensions (mm – Height x Width x Depth) 71x84x84