WILTSPlus WPFR9LEDBRWW LED 3000k Downlight Supplied With Driver


  • Can ONLY be used with R10LED200DB Driver 
  • Input Voltage: 31-41V 
  • Total Power: 9W
  • CCT: 3000k (Warm White)
  • IP44 
Safety Measures for High Power LED Products: 
1. Switch off power before connecting fitting to driver.  2. Avoid contact with LEDs and electronic components during installation and/or maintenance.   R10LED200DB Driver-    Input Voltage: 220-240V~ 0.05A 50/60Hz Output Voltage (No Load): 45V  Output Current: 200MA MAX.  MAX POWER: 11w Power Factor: 0.9 TA: 40*C MAX TC: 70*C MAX